How to Clean a House like a Professional

How to Clean a House like a Professional

(House Cleaning Tips)

A spotless home is relaxing for you and visitors. Clutter and mess invariably causes anxiety in people, creating uneasiness in people dwelling in it causing them to not feel the calm at home.  However, a lot of people do state the contrary that cleaning can itself be a stressful activity. It is hours of scrubbing followed by innumerable activities to clean up a space and a wide array of products required for cleaning every surface. Don’t be stressed, here are a few tips and tricks to handle the cleaning in a professional manner.

Start with Decluttering

The basic thumb rule to cleaning the house and organizing the space is first decluttering and organizing the mess. The primary reason for doing this is to avoid the lazy move of simply wiping around the mess and not cleaning it. Before you start cleaning, put away anything that isn’t where it belongs. Put items in their designated areas, put laundry away, and pick things off the floor. That way you won’t have to worry about it when it comes time to clean. When your hire a professional to clean your house the first thing they do is make a pile for you to deal with and sort from later. Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional house cleaning service. So, if you really want to achieve pristine living conditions for your house it is advisable you start sorting and decluttering before you commence with the cleaning activity. This save time and energy of dealing with multiple things while cleaning.

Use a Cleaning Pattern

Try picking a pattern rather than trying cleaning surfaces haphazardly. Using a consistent pattern ensures the things are cleaned rather than trying to clean the spots later as you missed it the first time. Here is a quick tip, try cleaning from left to right or top to bottom and get the work done in one single go at the very first time. For example: Clean Ceilings and Walls from Top to Bottom

Use a caddy

Arrange your entire cleaning products and tools in one place. It will make your job simpler if you have quick access to everything you need. Try keeping the cloths, cleaning products, brushes and gloves in the caddy. This simply streamlines the process and you can deal with one room at a time, you do not have to constantly go back and forth to grab products or tools while cleaning. Try using multi-use products instead of constantly switching out from a glass cleaner to a surface cleaner. Reach for something that can work on multiple areas like your bathroom tiles, kitchen sink, floor moping as well as window cleaning.

Apply the product and let it Soak

According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, it was found that on average the American men and women spend nearly forty minutes of a day scrubbing and cleaning their house. So here is a quick tip – spray the cleaning product on the spills or area you want to clean and let it sit for a while, a lot of products do require some time to kill the germs or break down a substance. The longer the product sits; the effect would be better especially on the stuck-on spills. This tip comes most handy for your kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Use the correct tools

Simple cleaning tools would suffice and you do not need to spend on expensive specialty cleaning tools. Microfiber cloths, scrub brush, toothbrush, sponges, a mop, and a vacuum would do the trick. For a professional cleaning kind experience you can simply use the following:

Toothbrush – Use a toothbrush to get those tough corners in the kitchen or your bathrooms where a sponge or a washcloth cannot reach.

Microfiber cloths – they are the best and produce the best results for cleaning the residual dust. They work fine for dry dusting, cleaning woodwork, and final polishing.

Paper towels – They are good for very nasty or greasy messes.

Sponge – There are a huge variety of sponges out there depending on the nature of your use such as Abrasive Sponges which are good for any grimy dirty surface, Cellulose sponges, Dry Sponges (good for cleaning wallpapered walls and fabric window coverings) and more.

Scrub brush – Keep an all-purpose scrub brush on hand to use on tile, tubs, fixtures and tough stains.

Broom, Dustpan and Mop – If your house has hard surfaces like wood, tile, cork, or linoleum, then use a broom, dustpan and mop to get them clean. Save your knees by using the mop in place of a rag.

Clean the Baseboards

It would not matter how clean the entire house is if the baseboards are dirty or grime has collected over them over time. They would make the house look not only shabby but also dirty. If it has been long since you dusted and cleaned them, it is time for you to grab the microfiber mops and dust them followed by vacuum clean the dust collected on the floor.

Vacuum Clean the furniture

Any kind of upholstery requires vacuum cleaning. Carpet cleaning requires diligently following patterns and taking care of the material. The furniture requires vacuum cleaning to ensure no dirt is left floating around to settle immediately after your cleaning efforts. Any kind of fabric lampsheds too requires vacuuming. Here is a tip, hold the seams on the lampshade while you are vacuuming them and try turning down the suction of the vacuum.

Dust – Vacuum – Mop

Dust the entire house first, then start with the vacuum and mop the place last. The dusting would unsettle and remove the dust settled on the various items like electronic items, shelves, headboards, baseboards, ceilings and kitchen counters. Vacuuming would remove the dust from the floors and furniture and finally mopping would ensure removal of bacteria and unwanted germs in the house.

Bathroom cleaning

Clean the bathroom right at the end. It is a smart way of working through things. Scrub that showerhead, with a baggie of vinegar to remove the residues. For best results leave it overnight. You would find your showerhead brand new in the morning. Paper towels are good for wiping the outside of the toilet and the seat to avoid contaminating other cleaning cloths with bacteria. Clean the floor last. Here is a quick tip, sit on the toilet and try looking around the toilet. It would give you a different view point and you can see if you have missed any spots.

Get a fresh smelling house

We love when the cars smell all fresh after a wash. Give your home that fresh smelling make-over too. Choose products which smell great rather than leaving the house smelling of chemicals. People have been cleaning with household staples like vinegar, baking soda and lemons (or lemon juice) for a long time, and believe it or not, these items are safe and effective. If you clean with these natural cleaners, you have fewer harsh chemicals to worry about.

When it comes to cleaning, these are the most overlooked places in your home.

  • Curtains – Don’t skip your curtains when giving your house a deep clean.
  • Tops of Cabinets, Doors, and Picture Frames – We tend to ignore what’s beyond our plane of sight. Routinely clean the top of door frames, kitchen and tall storage cabinets and picture frames.
  • Behind/Under appliances – Don’t forget to clean behind the refrigerator, washing machine or under the stove
  • Undersides of Furniture – Take the time to look at the actual bottom of the furniture piece. Get rid of spider webs clinging to bed frames, chair seats and table braces.
  • Indoor Plants – Whether your indoor plants are real or silk, they can accumulate an amazing amount of dust.
  • Ceiling fans – A thick layer of dust can collect on the blades. Clean them routinely.
  • Light switches, door knobs and handles – Make sure to wipe down bathroom door handles or kitchen cabinet knobs on a regular basis to eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria.

You might want to look into few more places too like Toothbrush holder, Remotes, Trash cans, Walls and Baseboards, Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Tools.

All these little tricks and checkpoints will change the way your home looks and feels. Make your home a place where you would like to unwind after a long tiring day. For everything else you can hire a local Home Cleaning Professionals when you do not have the time and energy to deal with all the detailed cleaning process.

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