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Quality carpet cleaning requires professional analysis of carpet’s type before determine the cleaning method to be engaged. The choice of carpet cleaning solution is crucial for the extended life of your rugs, upholstery and carpets. Our carpet cleaners specialize in pet odor removal, stain removal, application of stain guard protection and deodorizing. Irrespective of the cleaning method used, the first step is always – vacuum cleaning, i.e. deep cleaning of the carpet area from dirt and dust.

Common carpet problems faced:

1. Have you ever faced the problem where you have cleaned a particular stain from your carpet but it ends up showing up again and again?

2. The carpet after cleaning has lost the softness or too much cleaning has made the carpet lose color?

The primary reason for this phenomenon is the alkaline cleaning residues which are present in the chemicals you use to clean the stains. The dirt is drawn and attracted to this residue and hence the spot or stain keeps showing up at the same place again and again. Owing to the different fabric or materials for the carpet, cleaning is a bit tricky and if you manage to get a stain on it, the task becomes all the more difficult to get that coffee stain off. We use products which would neuter the alkaline effects and ensuring the carpets stay cleaner for longer. We would like to take up that challenge and revive the health of your carpets, furniture and rugs back.

We service homes in Frederick County, Montgomery County, and N.W. Washington D.C. Our carpet cleaning service is comprehensive in nature and we take care of all circumstances you face. We follow the cleaning instructions of the carpet manufactures enabling our cleaning crew to remove all those unwanted stains and pesky odors from your carpet.

Make your home look brand new again

When you’re tired of walking over stained carpets or sitting in filthy furniture, you can trust Nav-Ex to clean your carpets and upholstery to perfection.

We’ll clean them following professional guidelines provided by all major carpet manufacturers. Our high-quality crew will remove all your pesky odors and stains. We’ve got the perfect equipment and years of experience to clean your carpets and furniture so they look brand new.

Spotless carpets and upholstery ensure the maximum beauty of your home — as well as your own comfort!

Why Choose Nav-Ex Cleaning Services?

The strength of our service lies in the years of experience we have garnered in cleaning services and have encountered many different fabrics. The service personnel are equipped with all the tools and products to deal with any kind of challenges related to the furniture, carpets and rugs. Our work speaks for us and you would find the carpet and furniture as brand new once our service personals are through with their work. The use of good quality products is quite important to have a lasting effect.

The spotless carpet, furniture, upholstery and rug would brighten up your house and make you feel relaxed and excited to be home. Enjoy the little joys and let your child play on the floor without worrying about dust, dirt and allergens.

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