What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have been using Nav-Ex for abiut a year. They always arrive on time and with a smile on their faces. They are the very best of all of the services I have ever used. You just could not better.”

John R. Schaefer

“The young ladies did a good job cleaning my house. They arrived on time. My house looked better after the ladies cleaned it.”

Joseph Heidkamp

“I had been using Nav-Ex cleaning services for 2-years now. Service is very professional and detailed. I am very satisfied with the service.”

Cindy Santos

“Great service, always on time and professional. Top notch cleaning service

Heather Howell

“The company is very reliable, responsive and reasonable. They do great work! I would highly recommend this company for consideration with cleaning on any level”

Anthony M.

“The team does a good job for me!”

Mary Ellen Keyes

“I have been using Nav-Ex services twice a month for over 4 years. Their teams are always on time, thorough and trust worthy. I have a wonderful yet demanding career and Nav-Ex helps me keep up with life at home. They are an essential part of keeping my life balanced and organized! “

Shawn Bishop

“Competent staff teams who their jobs professionally and quietly. The teams come on time .They stay till the job is done. Accommodate sleeping children in sequencing their procedures.”

Tariq H.

“Great! Makes our home sparkle! Fair price, Fabulous customer service! Their attention to detail is amazing! So many special touches. Highly recommend”

Elizabeth Zanoff

“Nav-Ex cleaning did a wonderful job cleaning my parent’s house. My dad is going through chemo and my mom has not left his side in the hospital. It meant the world to them and to the rest of the family that when he came home, he came home to a clean house! They put great care into their cleaning and take pride in doing a thorough job. We also all appreciated the decorative folding of blankets, tissues and napkin holder. Highly recommend!”

Kendra M.

“From the first email to scheduling recurring cleanings, Nav-Ex has been great to work with, and I look forward to continuing to utilize their services. They are affordable, communicative, and do a great job! Leaps and bounds better than my last 2 cleaning services!””From the first email to scheduling recurring cleanings, Nav-Ex has been great to work with, and I look forward to continuing to utilize their services. They are affordable, communicative, and do a great job! Leaps and bounds better than my last 2 cleaning services!”

Darcy O.

“Good professional cleaning crew of 2. They work steadily withno playing around. I had team 3. They are prompt and friendly. I will use them again. “

Joycelyn Scriber

“We have hired Nav-Ex Cleaning Services twice: once for window cleaning and more recently for a house deep clean. Their team is friendly and professional; they let you know exactly when they are coming and are on time. They are very thorough with their cleaning and are head and shoulders above any cleaning service we have used in the past. Would highly recommend!”

“Very professional and easy to work with. Hired them to power wash the back wall of my house and my patio and they did a nice job.”

Rachelle Lehman

“Excellent cleaning service. Very thorough and great attention to detail. I came home to a spotless house. I highly recommend Nav-ex cleaning service.”

“The Na-vex people are nice, and also do a reliably good job for a fair price! I am very pleased and will use their services again.”

Diane F.

“I have been a customer for many years. Nav-Ex is consistent, timely and accommodating and polite. Overall, they do a really nice job in cleaning your home and will pay extra attention to areas that you ask them to. I find their rates reasonable. I would certainly recommend them to others.”

Linda C.

“Nav-Ex is an excellent company that provides, excellent, cleaning in your home. I have used them for the past few years, and have been, unquestionably, satisfied with both their work and their professionalism. They are on time for the job and work, thoroughly through, until the customer is completely satisfied. If you are in the need of any cleaning service for your home and or business ? Look no further than Nav-Ex Professional Cleaning Service. You will never utilize another cleaning company.”

Chris B.

“Great cleaning, with a very friendly staff and a lot of value for the price. We’ve been working with the company for just about 3 years on whole house cleanings, monthly cleanings, and carpet deep-cleanings. I’ve bee impressed the whole time.”

Chris Y.

“We’ve been using Nav-Ex for 4 years! The service has been thorough and professional. Each team of ladies clean differently but very well. I highly recommend their services!”

Sheila J.

“Nav-ex has been cleaning my home for years. They are so professional and I really appreciate their attention to detail. “

Jeannie Johnston

“Nav-Ex services are excellent, the crew is very professional, quiet and respectful. I’m very pleased with their work.”

Maricel M.

“Nav-Ex currently cleans my construction trailers twice weekly. They have done an incredible job and continue to do amazing work.”
“We are very pleased with the Nav-Ex team that cleans our home. Everything is clean and fresh smelling before they leave. They are careful and courteous. It’s always a pleasure to welcome them when they arrive for our every-4-weeks cleaning.”

“Nav-Ex did an amazing job for us. They were very efficient and thorough. We have had our windows cleaned by another company for years but they went out of business. We had a great relationship with them but I have to say Nav-Ex did a much better job. I would very highly recommended them. Kathy, Silver Spring, Md”

Kathleen B.

“Have been doing business for years. Tremendous service and reliability. Started with housecleaning and now they also help with laundry and ironing.”

Linda V.

“They are great. Never had anyone clean any better.Plus the ladies are very nice.”

John R. Schaefer

“I have used them for years & highly recommend! Their quality level of service & attention to details are the best! They also add cute special touches. All the staff are pleasant, trustworthy & hard working. My house sparkles when they are done “

Elizabeth Z.

“Nav-ex is a wonderful cleaning company, who are very thorough with their work and will leave you very satisfied. I have used them, consistently, for the past 2 years and it is money well spent each time. So if you are ever in the need for a home cleaning, look no further than Na-vex Cleaning service. You will cherish the decision you made.”

Chris Brown

“Everyone at Nav-Ex is professional, courteous and hard working. I have been extremely pleased with their services and highly recommend them.”

Kristin M.

“Very professional and does excellent job”

Diana Gunther

“Just had these ladies clean for us and they did a fantastic job. They are always pleasant and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cleaning service.”

Rayna Phillips

“Nav-Ex is a wonderful cleaning company that is communicative, flexible, punctual, and efficient. They have great price options. I love how they communicate by phone and text to keep you abreast of their schedule. When I book an appointment, I’m greeted with a friendly voice on the phone which makes the company feel personable. My home feels clean and I like how they add unique finishing touches. I was recommended to this company by a friend and have recommended them to others as well. Other cleaning companies have been unreliable so I am so relieved that I can rely on Nav-Ex.”

Lauren Cox

“They make My wife is happy…… That about sums it up. “

Casey/Jason Beaucage

“5 stars”

Papuna Lezhava

“I hired Nav-Ex to do a deep cleaning of my home before I had family over to stay. They did a fantastic job! They came early but they did everything I needed…”

Komal S.

“Great jobs. The ladies are very thorough and very pleasant. I’m very happy with my service.”

Diane Dagenhart Christensen

“Maria Soto’s team did a great job.”


“This review is for the carpet cleaning service. I am a regular customer of the home cleaning service, and I will give them five stars for that in a…”

“I am writing this in response to another reviewer who said the employees broke her picture frame. I came home to a cleaning by Nav-Ex, and there was a huge…”

Lxt T.

“The gentleman that came to my home to powerwash the porch and clean some windows was thoroughly professional and did excellent work. I would highly recommend Navexcleaning services to my friends and family.”


“Many of the services that have been completed in our home have met our expectations. The concern that we have had is in the bathrooms, particularly the toilets. The primary reason we have the cleaning service is for the deep cleaning in…”


“The Nav-Ex staff is prompt, courteous and professional. A bit deeper and comprehensive cleaning is the only request we have. Costs are reasonable and cleaning is consistent.”


“The cleaners did not put the decorative pillows on the master bed, left a bowl in the sink (did not load the dishwasher), and did an average job of mopping the kitchen floor. I keep my home fairly tidy, and hired Nav-Ex to do the heavy…”


“Of all the cleaning services I have used, Nav-Ex, is by far the best. They are always professional and do an impeccable job! They are a little more expensive than other companies, but are definitely worth the money. I cannot say enough…”


“Excellent! Twenty-four hours after our “first time” cleaning, and we’re still finding special details that show how well the ladies cleaned our home. The eye catcher is our kitchen stove; it looks brand new! The drapes in the master…”


“This company is great! I interviewed a lot of different companies before deciding on this ome and they have exceeded my expectations! They are friendly and flexible, have excellent rates, and are always timely and reliable.”

“They even came in the snow storm and cleaned!”


“They did a great job on our 3 floor town home. Everything looked neat and clean.”


“This friendly team was on time and provided a superb job taking care of all the details. I highly recommend them!”


“My only complaint is how they load the dishwasher. The cup and bowls are stacked on top of each other, and therefore, would not be cleaned during a wash cyle. I always have to remove some of the dishes or reorder them, before starting…”


“Are, quick, thorough, professional and very sweet. We love them and are so thankful to have our weekend house-cleaning chore hours back to enjoy our child more.”


“The two ladies arrived during the time frame agreed to and immediately started to work. They moved through the house efficiently and worked steadily without breaks. They were cheerful and friendly and completed their work in about two…”


“I would like Daisy every week instead of different teams every week. Nobody cleans as well as she. PLEASE Except for new teams every week your service is excellent.”


“Expert, courteous, prompt. We have had them back for 3 years now! We trust them! This spring we will have them do even more!”


“The team does a very nice job. They work very hard and my house looks very nice when they leave. I would rrecommend them to others.”


“Wow ! ! Awesome professional service. Prompt and very thorough. This was my first experience hiring someone else to do my cleaning because I am very particular. I usually do it myself to make sure it’s right but…”

Joycelyn (Teresa McCall)S

“They’re thorough with the cleaning. They are very nice and polite. I would recommend them to any one.”

“twice now forgot to wipe off top of fridge”


“Ladies always on time and a great job in cleaning and are very pleasant.”
“The crew showed up at the time arranged and immediately set to work. They were very efficient and complete in all their work. They were also both friendly and cheerful.”

“Courteous and thorough cleaning”


“Very nice team; on time and job well done.”


“An Excellent Job from the house cleaning to cleaning the carpets. Services were on time as scheduled and no time was wasted getting started on the task at hand. I would definitely use them again as well as recommend the services to…”

“This is the third time we have used Nav-Ex and they always do a wonderful job!”


“This applies only to the last cleaning on 12/24/2014. The person who did the dusting and vacuuming, although very nice and friendly, had to be reminded of dusting one of the bathrooms standup furniture pieces, and when vacuuming, she did…”


“The cleanings vary from crew to crew from really good to not so good. On a couple of occasions, they have taken things (probably just because they did not pay attention), such as kitchen towel and sponge.”


“As always, very professional with excellent service.”


“I’m a very tidy person and after meeting with the owner for a walk through, I thought the cleaning was going to be more detailed. Many details were missed and I I was billed for an excessive amount of hours. I’m going to give them one more…”

“Overall I’ve been thrilled to be a Nav Ex customer on and off for the past 10 years. I rarely have issues and when I voice my concerns they are addressed immediately. Fabiola, Daisy, and crew are always professional, courteous, fair, and…”


“Another great job.”

“I don’t know if the cleaning crew is consistently same but recent crew needs to be commended for honesty. They found my ring which I have been looking for a while. I guess they found the ring while cleaning the house and left it on top…”

Hee Rah/JungL

“Excellent job with recent carpet cleaning services. Always does a great job with our regular cleaning….we have been using their services for more than 10 years!”


“We had our initial cleaning yesterday (12/15). We are scheduled for weekly cleanings beginning next week. We do not know when the cleaners arrived and so cannot speak to whether they arrived “on time”, but they finished roughly when…”


“Service is excellent. The consultants arrived on time. The company also offers touch up services if you aren’t satisfied. My home looks like a model home. I look forward to working with them in about 30 days.”

“Your ladies do an awesome job for this working mom! Especially love the attention to details!”


“The ladies did a very nice job and worked hard. Sometimes I have gotten peole who did not really speak English so that cause a bit of a problem. The only “problem” I have is that they never seem to put things back where they were and…”

“Great job today”


“Very impressive – both the deep cleaning and steam cleaning services were excellent”

“New ladies, services were good. Thanks”


“The crew you sent yesterday was fabulous! My house just gleamed!!”


“Excellent service. Juan the tech was fast and very good. I had another apt so I had to rush the job. I am well pleased and will use your svcs again.”


“Probably the best cleaning I’ve had! The ladies (especially the one who took care of the vacuuming) werer very thorough”


“The cleaning crew are very nice and polite. They clean my apartment very well, and they even make the bed when I put my put clean sheets on my bed. All in all the cleaning is great!!”


“I hired Nav-Ex to do a move-out cleaning and I was beyond impressed. The house was not that clean when we moved in! I had them do carpet cleaning in two rooms that had pet smells that I tried EVERYTHING on to no avail, and they got it out.…”


“Outstanding Job. Already referred them to others.”


“The cleaner was very good, thorough and efficient. But it was difficult to work with the office staff to get clear information about when he would arrive.”

“Today, the crew did an excellent job!”


“The team that came to my house to clean after I had my hardwood floors refinished was FANTASTIC! They went above and beyond to clean up all of the dust from the sanding of the floors and even went further to make sure the house sparkled! …”

“Great job. Thanks.”


“n excellent job. However, I think they may be using bleach again. I have mentioned before that my cats tend to go into the tub/shower and drink after showers. I have also mentioned that I want them to use the organic cleaner I leave out. I…”
“The 2 cleaners cleaned all three levels of my townhouse in only 1 hour. While I am not a messy person, I do believe that more attention could have been spent on various areas. For example, the hardwood floors were streaky, the kitchen…”
“The Nav-Ex cleaning crew that comes to clean my apartment are nice and very polite. They clean my apartment very well. My apartment is spotless after they clean. Simon ‘…”

“I will use Nav-Ex in the future and recommend them to others. This is my second time using their services and I appreciate their flexibility in scheduling and the work they do. Thanks Daisy!”


“Professional and thorough. Always happy with my cleaning.”


“The ladies did an amazing job, considering one room was covered 3 ft high with moving boxes and objects to be sorted.”
“The ladies appeared as arranged and began immediately. I had some specific concerns which they addressed. They worked until the job was done and the house is now clean!!! Excellent service and I will use again.”

“Job well done, and very quick response to customer’s service request.”


“The crew showed up when expected and immediately set to work. They didn’t take breaks and worked for the entire time they were there. The service was excellent and the house has never looked cleaner. I will use this service again.”


“Great services. We had a move out cleaning for a rental property. The cleaning team was on time and very thorough. The scheduling staff kept us informed of when they would arrive by text and phone. The only issue was that planned to use…”


“Irma and Nellie are lovely, and did a good job cleaning. My only concern is that I was unable to communicate with them, as they spoke very minimal English. Other than that, it was a great experience, and I look forward to continued…”

“We’ve just recently started using Nav-Ex and so far, we’re very pleased with their service and level of professionalism”


“The team who came on Aug 30th did a great job.”


“I was almost 80% satisfied. I was disappointed that the floors that I did not ask to be mopped were NOT cleaned. I did not notice this until after the cleaning. I do not u nderstand why this should be so. Dorothy”

“The young ladies were professional, courteous and timely. They had the rooms I requested to be cleaned finish in a timely manner. They were polite and explained everything they were doing. I would recommend this agency to family and…”


“The ladies worked so hard and did an excellent job. It was a move-out cleaning, whole house top to bottom, including carpet and tile cleaning and Nav-Ex did a great job! I will use them again.”
“I was a bit overwhelmed with all the cleaning that needed to be done. The girls came in, worked very hard and with a great attitude. Very thorough too. They did an excellent job. For sure I will call them back.”
“My house looked great.”
“Once again, as an absentee landlord I have relied on Nav-Ex to do a thorough, unsupervised cleaning. And the reaction from my new tenant was A+ job. It is so easy to schedule and work with Nav-Ex and I will use them again and never…”
“This review is for my residence on Brink Road. The team of ladies you sent did a wonderful job. I really would like them to clean my house each time.”
“The ladies did a real nice job on the cleaning. This was my second one. Forgot the foyer closet but no big deal.”

“I am very pleased with the results from Nav-Ex. Daisy and Beverly are always flexible with scheduling. The cleaners that come to my house are polite and efficient. I absolutely love coming home to a clean house after Nav-Ex works their…”


“Cleaners came on time, were friendly, and worked diligently. I would hire from Nav-Ex again.”


“II was happy with the work performed. Will use them again.”


“The ladies were great!!!! I want them to come help me continue to clean for me every other week. Thank you ladies, you are a God send.”
“The ladies are very thorough, accommodating, and consistent-the best overall service I’ve had (out of three).”

“We had a good experience with them. The carpet hasn’t been steamed for 8 years and we had to have it cleaned before returning the keys. We do not have children but a small dog. Even heavy traffic areas of the carpet that are worn out are…”



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