Move-Out Cleaning

Since 2001 Nav-Ex Cleaning Services provides Move-Out Cleaning Services in Frederick and Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington D.C

When you decide to move out of a rented space, the first thing that you need to do before handing it back to the owner is clean it. Failure in complying with the cleanliness standards might get you penalized or taxed by the owner. It is an integral part of the clearing out process. The state of the house is completely dependent on you and hence the degree to which a cleaning is required would be completely dependent on you. A professional service would surely ensure the standard requirements are meet.

Nav-Ex Cleaning Services ensures perfection in the services delivered to you, we also make sure your demands and worries are met with satisfaction. If the rooms would require vacuuming or the bathrooms would need a thorough scrubbing, we shall take care of these activities for you. All these sticky situations are dealt with within your budget. The needs you present in front of us are dealt with professionalism and dedication. We would ensure you are satisfied with the service provided. The pristine nature of the place is restored to your liking.

We believe in making the day of moving more about the excitement of going to a new place rather than worrying about trivial problems of cleaning the apartment or room you are leaving behind. Nav-Ex cleaning services offers to make your moving day a smooth ride. Get your estimate and schedule your move out cleaning service.


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