One-Time Cleaning

One-Time Cleaning Services for Frederick and Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington D.C by Nav-Ex Cleaning Services

While most of our clients opt for regular scheduled cleaning, we also offer one-time cleaning services for homeowners who just need a break and wish to enjoy on your down time. We are here to offer you that day of rest. Gift yourself a day to do whatever you like and not worry about a messy apartment or dirty toilets.

The One time cleaning service can be the Move In, Move Out, or for that matter a spring cleaning service that you would like to avail. During a one-time cleaning appointment, our professionally trained team will clean your home according to your specifications so you can enjoy a restful, organized space. You could easily use it as a trial run and see if you are satisfied with the way we operate and finalize a much more permanent way of utilizing our services.

Nav-Ex cleaning services offer different options which could fit into the requirements and you may easily customize it as per the degree of cleaning essential for your home. You can pick and choose the type of cleaning desired and fit it into the schedule of your liking. Nav-Ex cleaning services is not just a service which would only provide a specific kind of service, we believe in making your life simpler and spreading the joy of tidiness. That’s why we customize our work to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to check out our customer reviews and decide for yourself. You can contact us to schedule your one time cleaning today.


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