Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Services is provided by Nav-Ex Cleaning Services in Frederick and Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington D.C

Spring brings in pleasant weather and warmer days. Physically, spring cleaning can help with allergies by literally cleaning out the dust and grime that builds up during the winter months when buildings, doors and windows tend to be shut tight. Psychologically, spring cleaning is an opportunity to de-clutter and start fresh.

By hiring Nav-Ex Cleaning Services you can celebrate the beautiful spring season along with your family while we work on the spring cleaning tasks for you. It can be a one-time cleaning activity or can be divided and spread out into different cleaning schedules as per your requirement. It is all about providing you the choice of a better way of spending a beautiful day while things get arranged by us.

All areas of the home can be cleaned to perfection including all living areas, lounge, hallways, stairs, bedrooms and more. Our spring cleaning package is an extensive deep clean designed to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom.

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